What are Sniper cats?

Mwah hah

Sniper cats are incredible animals with amazing abilities including super fast speed (where you can't see them), complete genius, and a love for fish.


Facts about Sniper cats

  • Sniper cats will love you if you care about them and carry around fish
  • They are normally Tabbies, but they can be any type of cat

If you have a sniper cat tell here

  • BlobFish2575 has 3 sniper cats, One stealthy girl cat, one foolish but lovable boy cat, and one old wise boy cat!!!
  • Trogdor Burninator and Humuhumunukunuku have 1 sniper cat who loves having conversations and hunting (one time he jumped up almost 6 feet!) =^●⋏●^=
  • Popy4701 has two sniper cats.

Examples of Sniper cats

WIN 20160131 171412

Trogdor Burninator's Samurai sniper cat (Milo) who talks a lot!

WIN 20160131 171641

Trogdor Burninator's sniper cat (Milo) while he's spying on prey!