Rouge One

Many new star wars movies will be coming. One movie coming is called Rouge One, the newest Star Wars Movie that takes place between episode 3 and 4. Click on this link for a Rouge One theory, click this link for a theory about Rey's vision, click here for some stuff about Rey's family, look for the youtuber "The Stupendous Wave" because he has some good videos, go on, and click the picture on the right to see the trailer.

Rouge One!

Play Super Mario Games

Mario move

Play super mario bros.

Go to Trogdor Burninator's Message Wall to ask him to reccommend good nintendo/sega gaming websites.

Leroy army news


Oh Mesa goodness!

Now that the Leroy Army has joined back together and Owen has joined the army, me and Bald Eagle found an online game called I highly reccomend it.Me and David did plenty of wallball, and the Leroys had a great day and time at the fun run overall.Thank you for reading,fellow Leroys, I hope you have a great day.
Trogdor wr

Engineering updates

Many Leroys either have Adv. Engineering or Gateway to Engineering as an elective. So I will be telling you what's going on in all Engineering classes. Right now we are finishing Circle Wars on Scratch

Welcome to the Leroysquad Wikia

This is a wiki about things boys are interested in like video games and tv while teaching them.Our main focus is actually Leroys though as this entire wikia is about our army and new news.
Boba fett

Boba Fett from Star Wars.

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Games, news, and awesome fun for you Leroys!

Leroy Talk

Come talk with other Leroys (IF YOU ARE A LEROY!!!) We can tell each other things about the army, games, you, etcetera. We Leroys kindly ask Non-Leroys to not pretend to be a Leroy because we WILL know who is a Non-Leroy. Thank you! or come here to talk on Trogdor Burninator's message wall

Leroys, you're my only hope

(If your a Leroy)

Help me, Leroy.You are my only hope. Trogdor Burninator needs more Leroys helping with the wiki.Join me and we will rule the galaxy as father and son! (JSYK: Leroys are bosses in the friendly group called the Leroy Army.)
Vader dude

Join the Leroy side!

Leia holo

Help me, Leroy. You're my only hope.

Use this for starwars gifs, use for other gifs too, and if you want to change the favicon, send me the pic you want for it and I can change it to favicon and put it in partially using this website. For more help/ training lessons from Trogdor Burninator go to Trogdor Burninator's Message Wall or''

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Leroy of the week
Cloud Strife FFRR

Bald Eagle is the leroy of the week! Leroy was one of 3 Leroys who actually started and have been in charge of the Army. His other names include Leroy, 16th president, and Lincoln. He likes video games, [], cars, dank memes, pokemon, and derpy things.

Play Recommended Leroy Games

Play [] and play Duck life 1, Duck life 2, Duck life 4, and Duck life 5.We also recommend Nintendo and Sega games, Homestar Runner games, Coolmath games, Finally Fantasy games, and Papa's games such as Papa's Hot Doggeria.

My duck in Duck Life

Ducklife 2

My duck in Duck Life 2

Ducklife 4

One of my ducks in Duck Life 4

Ducklife 5

Me and my pet in Duck Life 5

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